The Space Apps Challenge is an international hackathon organized by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), the annual contest takes place over two days in different cities around the globe. The event adopts the idea of collaborative problem solving with a goal of developing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on earth and life in space. Participants focus on using NASA data and promoting education.

The University of Khartoum team consists of Space Research Center members saw an opportunity to deliver their message and make their voice heard both nationally and globally through this contest, thus we decided to participate by a video entitled “EARTH IS COOL”. In this video Ree an alien “the main character” visits the most breathtaking places on planet earth. Ree ends his trip in Sudan where he participated with locals in cultural activities that Sudan is well known for.

Eventually all the efforts and the sleepless nights have paid off as the team was elected over 3,000 virtual participants as the local winner for the virtual participants category. Also, the project was a people’s choice award nominee to compete with 187 other teams who were nominees from their locations. The winners will be awarded with a trip to The United States to watch a NASA rocket launch. By the help of voters with kind appreciation to social media campaign, Capital Radio FM, and Hala 96FM the team placed ninth in this stage.