The main research project nowadays in the Space Research Center is UOKSat-3 which is an upgraded version of UOKSat-2 cubesat. Feedback from UOKSat-2 prototype was used in designing this satellite. The main tasks in this cube satellite will revolve around two concepts: fabrication for space, and improvements based on UOKSat-2. So in this time, the areas that the Space Research Center Engineers have not deeply explored on the previous prototypes will be clearly discussed and the team plans on achieving them. Also the areas that need great improvements based on the feedback, will be clearly indicated. The mission is still an optical camera, with the main target being monitoring Sudan lands for development goals using an HD camera. For this Cubesat, the minimum level success is to be able to transmit its beacon for at least one hour after separation from the p-pod while the full mission success is to take pictures and send them successfully to ground. In general, the CubeSat contain several subsystems, each subsystem has a role to play aboard the CubeSat. In practice, in the field of the CubeSat design, each subsystem, which has dedicated hardware and software, is assigned to one team of experts because each subsystem belongs to one branch of science. On the other hand, there are connections between the various subsystems. Therefore, each team works in coordination with other teams to achieve the tasks of its subsystem. The payload is the satellite mission; this can't work without a platform of minimal functionality. Starting from the structure itself that contains all the subsystems and works as the interface with the launcher.
Also, the space research centre is conducting research on space technology for sustainable development generally  and for sudan particularly. So far, the research has covered surveying all the MSc and PhD thesis at University of Khartoum that are utilizing space technology or developing space technologies.
The Space Research Center also has many BSc final year graduation projects for many students in University of Khartoum which their projects related to space and satellite sciences and technologies.
The Space Research Center provide technical advisors and also support for Master students research thesis from University of Khartoum and from many other universities.
The Space Research Center team also does a continuous research on the perfect way to operate the University of Khartoum educational ground station and to ensure the receiving of a correct data from the other Cubesats and Satellites.