The Space Research center has a plan for many researches and projects in many disciplines and specialists in order to get the space knowledge in a sufficient way. The following are the planned projects and researches:
  •Design, built, fabricate, test and launch a fully functional Cube Satellite
  •Long term plan includes Nano and Micro Satellites research and development.
  •Remote sensing researches and projects.
  •Astronomy research.
  •Project Loon.
  •Power systems for High power demanding cubesats.
  •Intelligent On-board computers.
  •Advanced Optical Remote sensing mission.
  •Stable Attitude control for cubesat.
  •Deployable structures.
  •Installing and operate additional Antennas in the University of Khartoum ground stations.
  •Develop software programs to decode and receive all types of satellite’s signals and data.
In addition to that, there are many projects and researches under planning for the final year graduation projects to be involved under the umbrella of the Space Research Center.