University of Khartoum Space Research Centre, in collaboration with World Space Week Association (WSWA) and Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) organized a seminar in celebration of World Space Week entitled “Space Year Recap 2017”. The theme of the event was to give talks covering the hottest topics of the space industry with focus on topics that match World Space week theme of 2017 which was “Exploring New worlds in Space”.

The event was opened with a talk from Prof. Sharief F. Baibikir, the Director of the Space Research Centre at University of Khartoum. Prof. Sharief emphasized the importance of space for our life. He also mentioned how space race was part of everyone’s life specially the young one’s. Then, Eng. Rayan Imam and Eng. Hanadi Abdalla, who are Researchers at the Space Research Centre, and also the National Points of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council in Sudan, introduced World Space Week. They talked about its history and why the dates 4-10 of each year were selected to celebrate World Space Week. They also introduced Space Generation Advisory Council and the Space Research Centre activities and Objectives.

The technical talks covered the following topics: Cassini Mission, Dawn Mission, Moon Race, ISS, Launch Vehicles, The Great American Eclipse, and Space Books & Movies. The session was concluded with Discussion and Comments from the attendees and the presenters.